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Now Shipping Select Photography Books!

We're thrilled to announce a special, limited-time offer at Catherine Couturier Gallery! Due to popular demand, we are making an exception to our usual policy and offering shipping on a curated selection of stunning photography books. This is a unique opportunity for collectors and photography enthusiasts to own some of the finest works from renowned photographers, delivered right to your doorstep. Featured books include:

Michael Kenna's Japan: A Love Story


Be among the first to own Michael Kenna’s newly released monograph. This exquisite book captures the serene and haunting beauty of Japan through Kenna’s masterful lens. It’s a visual journey that showcases his deep affection and connection to the landscapes and culture of Japan.

Michael Kenna's Photographs & Stories


Back by popular demand, the second printing of this beloved collection is now available. Originally released in 2023, this book combines Kenna’s mesmerizing photographs with compelling stories, offering a rich, immersive experience.

Michael Kenna's Ratcliff Power Station


Michael Kenna's Ratcliffe Power Station captures the ominous beauty of the Ratcliffe power station, a site he has photographed since the early 1980s. Printed in duotone on matte art paper, this first edition book features Kenna's masterful manipulation of half-light and atmospheric fog, creating a moody, gray-toned landscape that reflects the skies of Northern England.

Cig Harvey's Blue Violet


Dive into the vivid and enchanting world of Cig Harvey. Blue Violet is a poetic exploration of the natural world, filled with lush imagery and introspective narratives that invite readers to see the beauty in the everyday.

Henry Horenstein: Show, Honky Tonk, Histories and Speedway1972


Explore the diverse and dynamic work of Henry Horenstein with these four captivating books. Honky Tonk offers a nostalgic look at the country music scene, Show reveals the fascinating world of burlesque performers, Speedway1972 captures the thrilling energy of dirt track racing, and Histories presents a broader retrospective of Horenstein’s compelling career. Each book is a testament to his ability to find extraordinary stories in the ordinary.

Renate Aller's Oceanscapes - One View - Ten Years


Renate Aller's Oceanscapes - One View - Ten Years showcases over a decade of her Atlantic Ocean photography from the Hamptons, capturing the ever-changing sky and water from a single vantage point. With contributions from art experts and beautifully printed in Germany, the book connects her work to the Romantic tradition and explores the emotional depth and historical context of this iconic landscape.

Renate Aller's Ocean | Desert


Renate Aller's new project, Ocean and Desert, extends her renowned series oceanscapes by pairing mesmerizing ocean images with captivating sand dune photographs from New Mexico and Colorado. This fascinating series explores the relationship between Romanticism, memory, and landscape, juxtaposing beach activities in the desert with the timelessness of the ocean.

Kenny Braun's As Far as You Can See: Picturing Texas



In his book As Far as You Can See published in 2018, Braun portrays the full range of Texas’s natural landscapes. Between the deserts of West Texas and the swamps of East Texas, Braun shares unexpected views as well as the adventurous spirit his home state has cultivated within him.


Kenny Braun's Surf Texas


In Surf Texas, longtime surfer and fine art photographer Kenny Braun captures the essence of Texas surf culture through evocative black-and-white photography. This eloquent photo essay showcases the unique beauty of Texas beaches and the timeless allure of surfing, portraying both the thrill of riding waves and the serene moments on the shore.

Keith Carter's Ghostlight


Award-winning photographer Keith Carter's collection, Ghostlight, captures the eerie beauty and otherworldly spirits of southern wetlands in over a hundred photographs. From East Texas to Ossabaw Island, Georgia, Carter explores these mysterious landscapes with images of fog, faceless figures, and staring owls, inviting us to experience the elusive beauty of swamps, marshes, and bayous.

Keith Carter's A Certain Alchemy


Keith Carter delves into timeless, enigmatic, and mythological relationships, drawing from the animal world, popular culture, folklore, and religion to reveal hidden meanings in the real world. Featuring an introduction by fellow photographer Bill Wittliff and insights from Carter's wife, Patricia, this collection explores the imperfect observations of place, time, memory, desire, and regret, offering an anthology of oblique angles and awkward pauses.

Keith Carter's Fireflies: Photographs of Children


In Fireflies, Keith Carter beautifully captures the essence of childhood through a collection of both new and iconic photographs. Collaborating creatively with his young subjects, Carter's images evoke stories, dreams, and imaginary worlds while reflecting on his own nostalgic memories of growing up in Beaumont, Texas.

Keith Carter's From Uncertain to Blue


Keith Carter and his wife, Patricia, embarked on a spontaneous road trip through Texas in 1986 and 1987. From this journey, Carter distilled the essence of small-town life into a landmark collection of photographs titled From Uncertain to Blue, each image bearing the name of its respective town. This acclaimed book, praised for its artistry and universal appeal, solidified Carter's reputation as a leading figure in American fine art photography.

Josephine Sacabo's Nocturne


Nocturnes captures the essence of "moments of release" such as twilight, summer rain, and the expression of love. Featuring nine unrhymed sonnets printed on translucent vellum, each accompanied by delicate images that merge seamlessly with the poetry, the book's design enhances its theme of evanescence and refuge, presenting a collaborative exploration of the night by two artists.

Josephine Sacabo's Une Femme Habitee



Influenced by the poetry of Rilke, Baudelaire, Garcia Lorca, and Huidobro, Une femme habitee presents a collection of forty-five black-and-white photographs in this book. After studying photography at Bard College in New York and following in the footsteps of Robert Frank, Joseph Koudelka, and Henri Cartier-Bresson across England and France, Sacabo settled in New Orleans. Published in France, the book features two chapter headings in French, reflecting her artistic journey and influences.

Josephine Sacabo's Beyond Thought


Guided by the writings of Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, Sacabo captures what she terms 'I wish I had my camera' moments—those instances of experiencing the essence of something before it can be put into words or images, moments 'beyond thought.'

Josephine Sacabo's Structures of Reverie


“This is the story of a woman who invents her freedom by creating an imaginary architecture made of light, scraps of memory, hopes, and dreams ­– a permeable architecture where nothing is confined. It is dedicated to Juana La Loca, the supposed ‘mad’ queen of Spain in the 16th century who for political motives was imprisoned for 46 years by her father, husband, and son in an architecture of darkness and stone.” — Josephine Sacabo

Josephine Sacabo's Lux Perpetua


Inspired by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a 17th century Mexican nun renowned for her poetry and intellect, this series honors her achievements within the confines of her cloistered cell. Despite facing silencing by the Inquisition after two decades of resistance, the Sacabo dedicates these images to all women who persist in their pursuit of freedom and equality, aiming to amplify Sor Juana's voice visually.

Josephine Sacabo's Oyeme con los Ojos


Oyeme con los Ojos (Hear Me With Your Eyes) compiles imagery from Sacabo’s career, presenting selected photographs and photogravures that evoke a dreamlike, surreal, and romantic vision. Published alongside Sacabo’s retrospective at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the catalog features a black linen cover with embossed hardcover, emphasizing the collection’s artistic significance.

War/Photography Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath


War/Photography surveys iconic and newly discovered photographs of conflict, from 19th-century daguerreotypes to modern digital images from Iraq. Accompanying a landmark exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the book features over 525 powerful images and essays by leading scholars, exploring the profound relationship between photography and armed conflict across six continents and multiple perspectives.

How to Order:

To take advantage of this special offer, visit our website or contact us directly at Due to limited stock and high demand, we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible. This is a rare chance to enhance your collection with these exceptional titles, so don't miss out!

Shipping Details:

This offer is available for a limited time and applies to the featured books only.
We are offering domestic and international shipping to accommodate our global audience.
Please note that shipping fees and delivery times may vary based on your location.
Feel free to contact us for any further inquiries or assistance.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the arts. We look forward to sharing these beautiful works with you and bringing the magic of photography into your home.

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