Celebrating Women's History Month with Catherine Couturier Gallery

Posted on Mar 1, 2024

As we usher in the month of March, we're not only welcoming the onset of spring but also commemorating the remarkable contributions of women throughout history. At Catherine Couturier Gallery, we're thrilled to invite you to join us in celebrating Women's History Month this Saturday, March 2nd, from 4-7pm!

Womens History Month 2024 Pop Up Event

Partnering with our neighbors and fellow women-owned galleries on Gallery Row, we're presenting a pop up event featuring women artists. It's an occasion to honor the creativity, resilience, and unique perspectives of women shaping the art world and beyond.

Come see the latest exhibition of extraordinary work from gallery artist Maggie Taylor: Up, Up, and Away! Renowned for her innovative approach to digital art, Taylor continues embracing new technology by seamlessly integrating elements generated by the AI program Midjourney into her digital composites. The results are effortlessly crafted dreamlike vignettes that tell captivating stories.

In addition to Taylor's groundbreaking work, our gallery will be adorned with pieces from a diverse array of talented women artists. From the whimsical photography of Patty Carroll to the introspective lens of Wendi Schneider, there's something for everyone's taste!

In line with our commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs, we're delighted to welcome back Three Penny Pictures, a venture led by our very own Charlotte "Stinkerbell" Couturier. Charlotte and her cohorts will showcase a selection of handmade loom bracelets, keychains, and delectable cookies. This presents an opportunity to not only appreciate their craftsmanship but also to champion the entrepreneurial spirit of women in business.

Save the date for March 2nd from 4-7pm, and join us in paying tribute to the past, celebrating the present, and uplifting the future of women in the arts and beyond. See you there!

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