Micky Hoogendijk - Celebrating Sunlight and Transition“

Posted on Apr 28, 2015



Catherine Couturier Gallery is pleased to welcome artist Micky Hoogendijk to Houston on Thursday, April 30, from 6-8 pm for one night only! Famed Dutch actress Hoogendijk will be in attendance to discuss her transition from in front of the lens to behind it, her passion for art, and her desire to capture vulnerability in her subjects.  A special selection of works will be on exhibit entitled Celebrating Sunlight and Transition, an ode to the work, which is all captured using natural light, and to the artist herself.  


“The starting point of my work is an encounter, dream or object that culminates in an explosion of ideas. On set, I allow my model’s instinct and personality to melt together with my camera and drive my creative inspiration. I coax trust, contact and vulnerability from my subjects in order to produce an image from which the viewer can then create his own world. Recurring themes are religion, society and mythology; each work is intensely personal and takes both me and my subject on a journey that provokes fundamental questions about life and our existence.” – Micky Hoogendijk


Nurtured by the life of the international art world and memories of the Old Dutch masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt, Hoogendijk takes the beholder on a journey into her universe: a dynamic and inspiring realm where visual arts, technology and theater melt together into photography.

Hoogendijk?s work is characterized by sharp iconic images that deeply touch your soul. With her camera she enchants with lighting, and her images often contain religious and mythical themes as well as daily scenes. At the core of her work lies a quest for the majesty of vulnerability–an image without embellishment that captures the powerful essence of naked emotion.


To see more of Micky's work, please visit her artist page here.

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