Praise for Kenny Braun's Surf Texas!

Posted on May 27, 2016

Photographer, Kenny Braun, recently acquired exceptionally enthusiastic praise from various online publications, including Texas Monthly and Slate, for Surf Texas. His exhibition of stunning black and white photography showcases the hidden surf culture in the Texas’ Gulf Coast, which is now on display at Catherine Couturier Gallery.

Jordan Teicher from Slate writes, “Texas isn’t generally considered a great place to surf, but there are good waves to be found if you know when and where to look. Photographer Kenny Braun I sone of those people.” Click here to read Teicher's article!

Braun mentions his surprise that many Texans are unaware of our Gulf Coast beaches, let alone surfers. He blame stereotypes associated with the Lone Star State such as the cowboy or Dallas. Braun goes more into detail with this on Texas Standard’s radio segment by Leah Scarpelli, attempting to describe the indescribable feeling of surfing, “You’re literally riding on the pulse of the planet,’ Braun says. ‘That might sound kinda cheesy- I heard this surfer say one time the more you talk about surfing the worse off you are, because you start sounding kind of silly. But if you know that feeling, there’s nothing else like it.”

Click here to listen to the radio show segment!

Click here to read Texas Monthly's article.

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