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Posted on Jan 19, 2021

Catherine Couturier Gallery presents Still in the Studio, the 2021 edition of Safe in the Studioa blog series launched in spring 2020 in response to the pandemic. With each blog post, works will be highlighted and discounted 20% for one week following the post’s publishing date.

To inaugurate the latest edition of this series, the gallery is pleased to present the following post by gallery artist Maggie Taylor: 

Last March, when we started to live the quarantine lifestyle, I could not have imagined that we would still be doing the same routine in January 2021. Here is my Groundhog Day routine: In the morning, I get outside for a little exercise and do some garden work. Next, I sit at my computer where I spend most of the day working on new images and various other projects.
Cooking has grown to take up more time this year: experimenting with new recipes, eating more vegetables, trying to get a bit more variety into our repertoire. I love the New York Times for their recipes and games—especially the Spelling Bee game which I play while having my morning coffee. Although I miss traveling, I really enjoy my work. Over the course of this year, I got both a new Mac computer and a new Canon printer—two rather time consuming upgrades.  
In a normal year I travel at least twice to teach a workshop somewhere.  This year I stayed home and adapted my workshops to teach over Zoom. That has been an unexpected highlight for me. Many students find it so much easier to follow my instructions and demos on Zoom. The recordings are available for people to rewatch and pause as they work through my demo images on their own. I will be teaching several other classes through Santa Fe Workshops (one soon-to-be-announced in March that will be a mini workshop). And one for the Los Angeles Center for Photography in April.
The philosopher's study, 2020, Maggie Taylor, Catherine Couturier GalleryThe philosopher's study, 2020
Last summer I created this image, The philospher’s study, using scans and photographs of a variety of flowers. The Janus-faced vase is made from a 19th century photograph and a scan of a lamp from Target….you never know where you will find a good source of inspiration or a template. The little butterflies are scanned from an antique Limoges box that my grandmother had on her dresser. The background is a sort of dreamlike, abstract library, with a door and window into a Magritte-like world of blue skies beyond.  
 Detail, The philosopher's study, Maggie Taylor  Detail, The philosopher's study, Maggie Taylor
Detail images of The philosopher's study
Working on that image led me to my next piece, because I wanted to create another round room. Using a variety of old photographs, photographs of paintings, and hand drawn elements, I put together a room for another vase with a face. However, this time it turned out to be a vase with three faces. As I worked on this image, I became really interested in making wallpaper for the room—Chinoiserie wallpaper. I found a way to create various versions of the wallpaper, each one with a different mood for the room. The final version gets rid of the bird cage and the bird sits on the cup.
Version 1, Me Myself and I, Maggie Taylor Version 2, Me Myself and I, Maggie Taylor Version 3, Me Myself and I, Maggie Taylor Version 4, Me Myself and I, Maggie Taylor
Early versions of Me, myself and I
Me, myself and I, Maggie Taylor, 2020, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Me, myself and I, 2020
The newest image is The adventure. Staring with some lovely little painterly sheep in a landscape and a distant boat on the ocean….I gradually decided that the sheep might be better off floating away in the boat. On a vacation. Maybe the vacation we are all longing to take. And the landscape began to take on features of clothing: a collar and pocket with a flower peeking out of it. The finished version has larger sheep and some ferns from my garden in the foreground.
 Process, The adventure, Maggie Taylor  Process, The adventure, Maggie Taylor
Early versions of The adventure
The adventure, Maggie Taylor, 2020, Catherine Couturier Gallery
The adventure, 2020
I am working on a new book project right now, and I hope the book will be out approximately a year from now.  Connie Hwang, the designer who created my previous books, will be working with me again on this one.  I am in the process of sequencing images.  My husband (and studio manager) Sten put up a series of plastic mini shelf strips for me to use.  We printed out 4 inch versions of the images and can shuffle and pair them on these shelves.  
Maggie Taylor Studio, Catherine Couturier Gallery
View of Maggie Taylor's Studio

To learn more about Maggie Taylor and see more of her work, please visit her Artist Page.

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The philosopher's study, 2020, Maggie Taylor, Catherine Couturier Gallery

The philosopher's study, 2020


Me, myself and I, Maggie Taylor, 2020, Catherine Couturier Gallery
Me, myself and I, 2020
The adventure, Maggie Taylor, 2020, Catherine Couturier Gallery
The adventure, 2020
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