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Posted on Feb 18, 2021

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Catherine Couturier curated Analog Forever Magazine's most recent online exhibition entitled "The World Laughs". The photographs selected all point out the absurdities of life: from slapstick to whimsy to irony, all forms of humor are represented in the below selection. Click here to view the exhibition. 

The photographs I chose to include in this exhibition made me happy. Some were just happy photographs in general, like the smiling woman in the rose dress or the emoji balloon in the tree. Some took me back to a charming time in my own life, like the scene with the army men and the toothpaste, and some had to maybe be explained to others:

Andre, my 14-year-old: “Mom. It's just a lady with bread. I don't get what's funny.”

Me, to said 14-year-old: “Boobs, Honey. The bread looks like boobs.”

I couldn't pick just one favorite, so I asked for special permission to bestow honors on three.

"Cat is Dog": The charm and understated humor in this photograph cannot be overstated.

“Now my life will change for the better…”: If anything screams out "joie de vivre," it's these happy hippies out in the forest charging their crystals.

“Rooster with Bone”: Look. I don't have any idea what's going on here either.

I hope everyone enjoys the selections as much as I enjoyed selecting them. Keep your heads up, my friends: the world is a wonderfully funny place.

~ Catherine Couturier

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