Susan Burnstine: Absence of Being


 January 14th- Februrary 18th 2017

Award winning fine art photographerSusan Burnstine, most recognized for her black and white dream-like imagery, will be debuting a new show at Catherine Couturier Gallery on January 14 called Absence of Being.

Burnstine, who is currently based in Los Angeles, has spent her artistic career exploring alternative processes to the art of photography. Using twenty one self- made film cameras, Burnstine strives to create imagery completely in-camera without digital renderings. Her cameras are primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts, and random household objects, with single-element lenses molded from plastic and rubber. Although technically challenging, these cameras allow Burnstine to capture the distorted yet vivid images she envisions.

The Absence of Being, Burnstine’s latest work is an ongoing series which explores the depths of nightmares she has experienced since childhood. This series specifically explores concepts of life after death and the illusive perception of impermanence in an effort to comment on how the past remains with us, if only in shadows.

Often Burnstine’s signature black and white imagery is a dramatic visual representation of difficult life experiences such as the death of her father. The uniqueness of Absence of Being from her other series comes from the higher perspective in which the work was shot, as if she is replicating the vision of her father, looking down upon her.

Works available the following sizes and editions:

12 x 12 inches, edition of 15
16 x 16 inches, edition of 15


Susan Burnstine The Last Goodbye Absence of Being

The Last Goodbye 


Susan Burnstine Around the Bend

Around the Bend

Susan Burnstine Impasse


Susan Burnstine Hubbard & Wells 9:18 AM

Hubbard & Wells 9:18 AM

Susan Burnstine East Broadway Absence of Being

East Broadway, 7:02AM


 Susan Burnstine Lincoln Park 10:32 AM

Lincoln Park 10:32 AM

Susan Burnstine California & Stockton 8:06AM Absence of Being

California & Stockton, 8:06AM

 Susan Burnstine Golden Gate Bridge Absence of Being
Golden Gate Bridge, 5:52AM
Susan Burnstine River North

River North, 4:58PM

Susan Burnstine Breakwater Light

Breakwater Light

 Susan Burnstine Penobscot Bay Bridge, 4:19PM Absence of Being

Penobscot Bay Bridge, 4:19PM

Susan Burnstine Bixby Bridge

Bixby Bridge

Susan Burnstine Lake Michigan 6:52AM

Lake Michigan, 6:52AM

Susan Burnstine Evidence


Susan Burnstine Last Light Abiquiu Absence of Being

Last Light Abiquiu

Susan Burnstine End of Turnagain Absence of Being

Seward Highway, 3:16 PM

Susan Burnstine End of Turnagain Absence of Being

End of The Turnagain

Susan Burnstine What Was Then Absence of Being

What Was Then



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Phone: (713) 524-5070

View more work by Susan Burnstine on her Artist Page.