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Category: Spotlight

Spotlight: HCP Auction 2015

Feb 12, 2015

Each year in February, HCP holds an annual print auction where artists, galleries, and collectors from all over the world contribute premier photographic art that is auctioned to benefit HCP’s operating fund. It is an elegant evening of cocktails, dinner,…

Spotlight: S. Gayle Stevens

Nov 20, 2014

With growing concern for the proliferation of colony collapse disorder (CCD), which results in the inexplicable and increasing disappearance of worker bees from their colonies, artist S. Gayle Stevens began to photographically repopulate the insects through…

Spotlight: Ida Wyman

Jul 18, 2013

"I did not consciously think about why I wanted the photo at that moment except that it pleased something within me. I have thought about this many years later as a certain synchrony of heart, eye and brain." Ida Wyman is one of the most fascinating artists…

Spotlight: Rachel Phillips

Dec 21, 2012

The holiday season is in full swing here at the Catherine Couturier Gallery (formerly John Cleary Gallery) and we have been happily receiving cards from clients and artists alike expressing wishes of holiday cheer.  More than any other time of year, the holidays…

Spotlight: Libbie Masterson

Nov 20, 2012

One of the joys of maintaining a gallery is the discovery and inclusion of new artists into our collection and sharing their work with you, our collectors.  It is with great pleasure that we at the Catherine Couturier Gallery (formerly John Cleary Gallery)…