Libbie J. Masterson's "Water's Edge (Mizugiwa)" in the Press

Posted on Jul 17, 2013

Our current exhibition, Libbie J. Masterson's Water's Edge (Mizugiwa), has been garnering great reviews since its opening at the beginning of June.

Meredith Deliso of HoustonPress had this to say in "Water, Water Everywhere at Catherine Couturier":

"In the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, mizugiwa means the point where the water and plant meet.  In English, that's better known as the shore or bank, but it doesn't seem nearly as poetic. [...] Though it's the focus of her photographs, the water isn't always obvious or even seems to be the main subject.  In Road St. Remy (3FJ4943), it is hidden and needs to be found among the dominant, massive trees and lush bushes.  But it is always there, whether stretching gloriously across multiple prints, as in Loire River Triptych, or traveling endlessly towards the back of the frame, as in Chenonceau Canal, lit beautifully the whole way."

 Libbie J. Masterson Road St. Remy

Road St. Remy (3FJ4943)


Libbie J. Masterson Loire River Triptych

 Loire River Triptych



Libbie J. Masterson Chenonceau Canal

Chenonceau Canal



In his recent article "Where Land and Water Meet," Michael Hardy of Houstonia magazine talks with gallery director Catherine Couturier, who had this to say about Masterson's work:

" 'It's this beautiful and tranquil sensibility,' says gallerist Catherine Couturier, who worked with Masterson to select the photographs for the exhibition. 'There's more fine detail in this work than in her previous photography.  She's done a lot of grand landscapes, whereas in this work you look at these rivers or ponds and you don't have the sense of scale that you have when she's photographing icebergs or mountains.' "

Libbie J. Masterson Clos Luce (3FJ5435)

Clos Luce (3FJ5435)



Libbie J. Masterson Round Top

Round Top


Water's Edge (Mizugiwa) will be running through the end of August. 


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