Thomas Kellner: Houston, We've Had a Problem! Book with Print

Posted on Oct 1, 2014

We are excited to announce the arrival of copies of Thomas Kellner's book with print entitled Houston, We've Had a Problem!

Houston, We've Had a Problem Book with Print2013 / With texts by Roy Flukinger, Allison Pappas, Melissa Noble and Thomas Kellner

German born artist Thomas Kellner traveled to Houston in 2009 and met the astronaut Leland Melvin, who gave Kellner access to the historic Mission Control Center. There Kellner experienced the start of the Space Shuttle Atlantis's mission into space. Kellner says, "NASA is a big visual producer of images we all grew up with - the rockets, the shuttle, the space station - pictures from space; pictures of Earth.... I want to give the images NASA puts into our world an artistic comment." Kellner produced 100 numbered copies of the book which contains a print of Space Shuttle Atlantis from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It is a C-Print and measures 10 1/2 x 13 3/4 inches (26.6 x 34.8 cm).

Thomas Kellner 69#01 Florida Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle Atlantis 200969#01 Florida, Kennedy Space Center, Space Shuttle Atlantis 2009 

The book with print retails for $400, but we are offering a special price of $350 to our collectors and friends. If you are interested in purchasing a copy or for more information, please email us here.

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