A Splish, Splash Summer

Posted on Jul 18, 2013

We're nearing the middle of Summer and temperatures are rising here in Houston and throughout the U.S.  Take some time to enjoy this warmer weather with these water themed photographs... or stop in the gallery where we've always got the a.c. running and you can see these fine pieces in person!


Andre Kertesz Esztergom Underwater Swimmer

Andre Kertesz: Esztergom, Underwater Swimmer



Renate Aller Oceanscape: November 2008 (#1819)

Renate Aller: Oceanscape: November 2008 (#1819)


Dan Burkholder Hudson River and Catskills from Olana

Dan Burkholder: Hudson River and Catskills from Olana



Bill Perlmutter Dancing in the Sand

Bill Perlmutter: Dancing in the Sand, Portugal 



Libbie J. Masterson Chenonceau

Libbie J. Masterson: Chenonceau


Lisa Tyson Ennis Rockland Lighthouse, Maine

 Lisa Tyson Ennis: Rockland Lighthouse, Maine



Elliott Erwitt Cannes France (beach chairs)

Elliott Erwitt: Cannes, France (beach chairs), 1975 



Susan Burnstine Until the Sky Fades Away

Susan Burnstine: Until the Sky Fades Away



Rita Bernstein Lake Swim

Rita Bernstein: Lake Swim



David Fokos Nightwatch

David Fokos: Nightwatch, Port Townsend, Washington



Blake Fitch Julia Reading

Blake Fitch: Julia Reading



Hakan Strand Stepping Stones

Hakan Strand: Stepping Stones



Charles Cramer Spring Pool

Charles Cramer: Spring Pool, First Light, Tenaya Lake, Yosemite



Frank Yamrus Borsec

Frank Yamrus: Borsec



 Ferit Kuyas Lake Pontchartrain

Ferit Kuyas: Lake Pontchartrain



Mark Jaremko Angel Island

Mark Jaremko: Angel Island


Edouard Boubat Family on the Beach

Edouard Boubat: Family on the Beach



Gerald Pisarzowski Scott's Falls #1

Gerald Pisarzowski: Scott's Falls #1



Jean Miele Hc Svnt Dracones

Jean Miele: Hc Svnt Dracones



Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson Here Nor There 17

Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson: Here Nor There #17



John Wimberley Salt Creek #94

John Wimberley: Salt Creek #94



Maggie Taylor Small Celebration

Maggie Taylor: Small Celebration



Michael Kenna Charles Bridge, Study 8, Prague

Michael Kenna: Charles Bridge, Study 8, Prague



Takeshi Shikama Yosemite #23

Takeshi Shikama: Yosemite #23



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